Membership in Lookout Guardians is free.
Members volunteer as Lookouts for free.
Pets have a one-time, life-time registration fee of $20.
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Lookout Guardians' Service


The Lookout Guardians Neighborhood Search Network:

  • Allows you to rapidly broadcast pictures and information about your lost pet to your neighborhood Lookouts

  • Provides you with guidance and information on how to search for your lost pet based on how your pet became lost.

  • It connects you to all the Lookouts looking for your pet.

How does it work?

It is free for you and your neighbors to become members of and to sign up as "Lookouts". Lookouts are people who are willing to be on the lookout for a lost pet as the Lookouts go about their daily activities. Members, especially Lookouts, provide an email address, street address, and 9 digit zip code. The 9 digit zip code helps localize searches.

Pet "Guardians" (owners) enroll their pets in the Lifetime Membership Plan for a one-time, lifetime of the pet fee. During the enrollment process, the Guardian (owner) creates a secure private pet profile, uploads photos, and provides descriptive information about their pet including breed, gender, age, coloring, and unique markings. This information is important in helping identify a lost pet if the need should ever arise (and we sincerely hope it is never needed)..

If the pet becomes lost, the Guardian (owner) files a Lost Pet Report. Lookout Guardians sends a Lost Pet Alert to the Lookouts in the area surrounding the location where the loss took place..

The Detailed Story

The Lookout Guardians website is the communication and information hub of the system. As individuals or businesses join Lookout Guardians each chooses a unique member name which helps control privacy. Any member can sign up as a "Lookout" and members who are Pet Guardians (pet owners) can enroll their pets. To enroll a pet requires one-time fee, which covers the lifetime of the pet.

When a Lost Pet Alert is filed, the website determines the search area, creates the Lookout Search Team (Lookouts) based on the search area, and emails the Lost Pet Alert to those Lookouts. A "Blog" is created just for this particular lost pet so that Lookouts and Guardians (Pet owners) can communicate during the search. The site also provides tips on how to search for the lost pet.

Elements of the System

Pets -- the heart of the system. They are our friends, buddies, and loving companions. They give us unconditional love. They depend on us for food, shelter, medical care and love. When they are lost they depend on us to find them. They deserve our commitment. Commitment combined with appropriate knowledge and effective tools can make all the difference in getting our beloved friends home safe and sound.

Guardians (pet owners or responsible parties) -- the folks who own or are the primary care givers of pets. They are the driving force when their pets are lost. When Guardians (pet owners) enroll their pets, we provide them with tips for preventing their pets from getting lost. It is our hope that no pet gets lost ever.

Articles about searching advise a Guardian (owner) of search strategies should their pet become lost. Plus, when a pet becomes lost, owners now have, at their finger tips, a powerful set of search tools that enable rapid communication of critical information about their pet with their neighbors.

Lookouts -- friendly helpful people who are willing to be on the lookout for a lost pet as they go about their daily activities. They are like the neighborhood watch for pets. A Lookout receives a Lost Pet Alert via email with links to photos and contact information. If in this particular lost pet case the Lookout is able and willing, the Lookout stays on the "lookout" for the lost pet as he/she goes about the daily activities of life. In addition, the Lookout may, if she/he chooses to do so, hand out printed Lost Pet Alerts, tell neighbors about the lost pet, and help with physical searches.

When Lookouts receive Lost Pet Alerts via email with links to photos and owner contact information, they stay on the lookout for the lost pet. In addition, they may, if they choose to do so, hand out printed Lost Pet Alerts, tell neighbors about lost pets, and help with physical searches.

Lookouts can choose their level of involvement each time there is a Search Case. They are never obligated to perform anything they are not moved to do or able to do.

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