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About Us

Hi! I am Dr. Kelley Mathews.

I got the idea for Lookout Guardians after I lost my kitty, Dickens. In the picture to the right, Dickens is the grey and white kitty.  He is hanging out with his best buddy Bart.

I am a forensic psychologist who has had cats and dogs as family members my whole life. Currently I have three cats: Bartholomew, who came to live with me after he was hit by a car. He is a Bengal and very social and affectionate. Majica and Simba came to live with me after my mom passed away. Majica is like a minature cat, about 6 pounds, long hair and black as coal. She is a snuggler.




Simba is a huge grey tabby. I suspect he has some Main Coon in him. He weights about 22 lbs. He acts the tough guy and hisses and swats and avoids being least he used to. Now, he likes getting brushed and climbs up in my lap at least once a day for pets.  And then there is Dickens, my litttle boy kitty. I rescued him from the parking lot of a Taco Bell in Cape Gerardo,  Mo. about nine years ago when we were caravanning from Chicago, IL. to Batesvill, Ak., helping friends move. He was stuck in the wheel well of one of the cars we were traveling in. Dickens was terrified and I was amazed at how fiercely he fought to protect himself as we tried to rescue him. I'm sure he though monsters were trying to eat him. Once Dickens was freed, we were not sure what to do with him, except that none in our group wanted to take him to a shelter. We collected a list of veterinary clinics and animal shelters in the area and left a trail of contact information, taking Dickens with us. Over the nex few hours, Dickens and I developed a very intense bond. I became MOM to an eight week old kitten.  When my husband and I returned to Chicago, Dickens came along since he would mew like crazy if I got out of sight.  We called all the vet clinics and shelters in the Cape Geradeau area but was never contacted. Dickens became a member of our family. He and Bart were bffs. So when Dickens went missing in May of 2010, Bart and I were both heart broken.

I got the idea for Lookout Guardians after 7 months of looking for Dickens without success. I told everybody I knew about the idea and people were inspired to help me build this idea into a website.  We had to develop it on a shoestring budget, but once the money ran out people just kept helping. So I have this amazing team of folks who are contributing talent and energy and time to make this vision a reality. We are growing daily with kind, caring folks who are jumping in to help make Lookout Guardians happen.

So who are we?

We are a community of people who are animal lovers. We are passionate pet owners who do our best to protect our pets. When our pets become lost, we are the eager neighbors who volunteer to help find them. We use the best that technology and humanity can offer to help us protect and find our pets.

We are also forensics, communications, and animal behavior experts who want to improve the way we search for lost pets. We offer pet owners innovative pet search methods. Our system combines online communication resources, social media, tracking technology with the kindness and goodwill of pet-friendly citizens.

Together we are creating  Lookout Guardians, a neighborhood search network for lost pets so that we can bring our lost pets home safe and sound.

Come back and visit us!  Over the next few weeks we will be introducing some of the wonderful people who are helping Lookout Guardians come into existance

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