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No one wants their pet to become lost..
We think it will never happen to us..
But sometimes it DOES happen..
Even when we are careful..

We help you collect and record the information and pictures necessary for instant action if your pet should ever become lost. BE PREPARED! If pet is lost, owner files a
Lost Pet Report.
Lookout Guardians will contact
all the Lookouts in the neighborhood.
Bring your pet home
safe and sound.


Imagine your pet is lost and you are the only one looking for it. Now imagine how great it would be if 200 of your neighbors (Lookouts) were on the lookout for your pet. The chances of getting your pet home safe and sound just grew by 300 pairs of eyes!

That's the idea behind Lookout Guardians! We are a neighborhood search network for lost pets. Between 50% and 70% of households own pets. In addition, most people who don't currently own pets are pet friendly. Imagine how many pets could be found each year if all the pet owners and pet friendly neighbors joined together to be on the lookout for a lost pet as they went about their daily activities!

Right now only about 2% of lost cats and 17% of lost dogs ever get home. They deserve better. By creating a rapid email network among the neighbors where the pet is believed to be lost, we can dramatically enhance the chances of our pets getting home safe and sound with out really interfering with folk's daily activities. Once we have email communication, then members can twitter and Facebook into their community, spreading the word throughout the neighborhood.

So join us! Spread the word! Register to become a Lookout and help bring our furry friends home! Register your pets to give them the protection of one of the most rapid alert systems available today.

Please visit our FAQ Page.

Lookout Guardians works for Neighborhoods
The more people in your neighborhood who are Lookout Guardian members,
Posted On:
23 Apr 2019

Lookout Guardians is for Neighborhoods
Let your neighbors know about Lookout Guardians.
Posted On:
23 Apr 2019

Welcome to Lookout Guardians.

Posted On:
02 Apr 2019

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